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Arizona RV Parts, Inc. is relocating to Victor Montana in May of 2018, just ahead of the summer season. We are leaving the Yuma area for many reasons relating to business and personal decisions. Arizona RV Parts, Inc. is a well established local business in the Yuma Arizona Area and online. We will continue to operate as Arizona RV Parts, Inc. for the time being. There is a lot involved in moving out of state and for now we will leave all of our websites in tact without any name changes and Highway 93 RV will soon have an e-commerce site that will be synced with our in store inventory.

We chose the name Highway 93 RV because Highway 93 runs from Wickenburg, AZ through Arizona, Nevada and the Bitterroot Valley in Montana and ends at the Canadian border. It is a historical highway covered with rich scenery and animal life and a vivid view of the past and how it connects with today. Although Highway 93 starts 120 miles from Wellton we still thought it was an appropriate name to use and help identify us as a local Montana business.

The Bitterroot Valley

The valley extends approximately 95 miles (160 km) from Lost Trail Pass in Idaho, where it is narrow, to a point near the city of Missoula along I-90 where it is wider and flatter. To the west is the Bitterroot Range and its large Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area, and to the east is the smaller Sapphire Mountains and their Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Area. The Bitterroot Range has steep faces, deep canyons, is heavily forested, and is within the Bitterroot National Forest. The Sapphire Mountains are more rounded, drier, and much less forested.[1]

The southern end of the valley is split into the East and West Forks of the Bitterroot River, and the northern end has the confluence of the Bitterroot River with the Clark Fork River. Connecting into the west side of the valley are numerous deeply carved granite canyons, including scenic Blodgett Canyon and Lolo Creek’s canyon.

Highway 93 runs through the center of the valley, exiting to the south over 7014 foot (2140 m) Lost Trail Pass. U.S. Highway 93 is the main travel choice through the Bitterroot Valley but East Side Highway also runs through the valley, being much less traveled.

Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories
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About Us

Arizona RV Parts Center now known as Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories has been in business for 25 plus years and during that time we have built a rock solid reputation as trustworthy local business that treats the customer right. With years of experience we know what it takes to be the go to RV Parts Store for all of your RV Parts needs. We believe in selling you what you need to take care of your RV project without wasted time and money.
We are a family owned business and we know that we need to earn your trust every step of the way and that is what our goal is. We know how essential trust is in every business and that is what our reputation is built on, Trust! We look forward to serving The Bitterroot Valley for years to come and we ask that you give us a shot at earning your business.

Thank You,
Eric Stark

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Highway 93 RV Parts and Accessories
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