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RV Maintenance and Education for the DIY – Radio Arizona RV

What is Radio Arizona RV? Radio Arizona RV is an online Maintenance and Education talk show designed for the Do It Yourselfer. Each episode is intended to help RV’ers repair and maintain their RV, Motorhome, Trailer and 5th Wheel on their own, saving time and money. It is available online @ or in Podcast form on itunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other Podcast streaming websites similar to these.
Who is the host? Radio Arizona RV was created by Eric Stark the owner of Arizona RV Parts, Inc. located in Wellton, AZ. Eric produces Podcast’s with information about Recreational Vehicles and the various systems on an RV. Eric has over 28 years experience helping others improve their knowledge about maintaining their own RV’s.
The Goal of the Show? Eric wants to help RV’ers become more independent when it comes to RV maintanence and repairs. RV’ers should learn to be hands on, because in a lot of scenarios a technician is not always a phone call away. He hears the problems from RV’ers and understands their needs when it comes to maintenance and repairs. He firmly believes there are times you should take your RV to a professional although, there are probably many situations where a knowledgable DIY’er can take care of a repair without
professional assistance. The reality is, that an RV’er regardless of age or gender should be able to identify potential problems and make an informed decision to repair it themselves or call a pro!